Our First Long Journey

My first journey was with my mom and my grandpa. We drove all the way across the United States of America, in January.  Actually we left the left coast, the day after Christmas and we got to the EAST coast a little after New Years.  We stopped to visit my Auntie and Uncle and girl kitty and real girl cousins on the way, and other friends.

Sometimes I pee when I get nervous and I was pretty nervous, because I didn’t know where we were going… or why we were in the car all day, or why I felt so sleepy… I didn’t know much.

The day we left the LEFT coast – it was raining.  Mommy said we drove south, and we stayed in a hotel late at night.  The next day we drove more and more to  – I really don’t know where… but there was no grass in the parking lot.  I mean – mommy kept telling me to pee on the rocks.  I didn’t really understand. Maybe it was Arizona or Texas or Oklahoma… I can’t remember what mommy told me.

Kitty and I were a little nervous.  JB didn’t come with and I don’t understand that…  mommy said he got a new family, and I missed him at first. MJB stayed with us, and I was happy about that. She was comforting, and was being a good big sissy.

The next day we visited some of mommy’s friends and they had a very big dog. He was pretty friendly, but he made me a little nervous – so I peed… on the rug.  I get really embarrassed when that happens, but I couldn’t help it at all.  Mommy seemed happy to see friends, and granddad seemed a little tired..   We’d listened to lots of songs in the car, and lots of stories, but it was a long drive. I slept a lot. Mommy was really glad granddad was there. She said he was very good company even though he couldn’t drive any more… he helped make sure I knew where to potty, and sometimes he took me on walks.

The next day we got to the cousins, and they had a big BOX for me to stay in.  They were going to let sissy go wherever she wanted in their VERY big house, and they were going to make me stay in the BOX………..

I said no. (Mommy never made me stay in a box, because I HATED boxes).

I said no, until they let me out of the box.  Fortunately, mommy knew I wouldn’t like the box, and that didn’t last very long.

Sissy and I were really tired so we snuggled.

I can’t remember a lot of the trip.  I was sleeping a lot when we were in the car.  We’d wake up and I’d eat and then we would stay another place and I would sleep.  When we got to the EAST coast. which also seemed like the left coast, except it was COLD.  It was colder than anything I’d seen except for the middle of the trip. There was white cold stuff everywhere.   Mommy called it SNOW.

The snow piles were bigger than me.

We finally stopped driving, and stayed in a new place for a little while, and it was very different. Then a little while later – we stayed in another new place. We stayed in the second place for almost a year.

The first BIG snow!

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