Speaking of Silly

BenjiI guess it’s time to introduce my little brother….   I think he is Mr. Silly.  Mommy calls him Benj Benj Benj Benj Benj Benj Benj.

Let me back up a little though and rewind to 2015. In 2015 we did something very fun. We spent a SUMMER in the MOUNTAINS.   I will probably write several stories about that… but our summer in the mountains was really fun.  We got to take so many walks, where I would see new things like big pine trees, and deer, and squirrels and new birds and the lake.  It was AMAZING!

That was our last summer with sissy.  Sissy didn’t feel very good … she was tired all the time, and a little grouchy… so I tried to comfort her. She napped a lot and cuddled a lot but she was getting smaller every day.

I knew something was wrong.

After we returned from our summer in the mountains sissy went away. Mommy said she went to her new home in heaven.

We were both very sad. I tried cheering mommy up, but I was starting to feel a little more tired, and the days were very lonely without sissy.  Mommy would go to work and I would have to stay on duty guarding home all day.  That winter was long and cold, and then one day in the spring mommy brought home BENJI.

Benji (Benj Benj Benj Benj Benj)

I couldn’t BELIEVE how much energy he had!  Oh my goodness!  It was crazy.

First he had to stay in his little pink PPA (puppy play area), but he quickly grew out of that, so mommy made a bigger PPA, in the kitchen. He would watch us every day from behind the gate.

I’m so glad she did that! He would get in a lot of trouble when he wasn’t in there.   He chewed everything, stole my toys, and ate everything.  When he wasn’t in the PPA he would chase ME – everywhere. As you can see – I was always busy supervising!

I gotta say, he was pretty cute…

…….. When he was asleep in his box!

It was lots of working teaching him where to pee, and not to jump on me all the time, and to walk in a straight line when we went on walks.

I didn’t mind though, secretly I loved having a new little brother. Mr. Silly was my mission and quickly becoming my new bud.  I just couldn’t let him see it right away, I knew he’d probably steal all my toys if I did. Mom said I had to learn to share, and I did, but he was still lots of work!

Mommy timed us the first time I kind of, sort of, let him snuggle by me.  I allowed 13 seconds of touching before I decided he was too little, and too silly.  He needs to respect that I am the BOSS – the President after all!  (actually I’m not sure that he understands that yet… but I am working on it).

Raising a new puppy is a lot of work!

Almost a snuggle
Benjamin Cooper
Patriotic pup

But it’s worth every minute!

Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.

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