Spring Walks

I am panting heavily right now. The doctor told mom it might be because I’m in pain.  I can’t really tell her when it hurts, but she gives me pain medicine every night and I have good dreams. When I wake up in the morning I almost feel like my old self again.

Today mommy took Benj Benj Benj Benj Benj out for a walk. I decided not to go along today because I knew Benji would be very energetic, so I took a nap instead.  When my head hit the pillow, I remembered the wonderful spring walks we had.

Like I said in the last post, before I turned 1 year old, mom and granddad took us on a big adventure from the left coast to the east left coast.  Mom said we moved!

When we got there, there was so much snow I thought I might be buried in it.


Mom said it was a “bad” winter – but I had never seen winter so I didn’t really know what was bad or good or east or left.  It was all new to me.  I just knew we had a long car ride and then we got to a new house.img_0357

Mom got me a nice red coat that kept me really warm. It was very fun to get all covered in snow – so deep it would stick to my stomach.

In winter the earth changes. Everything is white and it smells different. It’s like a whole different world to explore.

Mom says the shoveling is hard, and she hates the icy roads, but she always keeps us safe.

We had Christmas with Granddad  that year at our new house.  Mom said I was looking pretty handsome. I knew she wanted a picture – so I sat still that day, by the Christmas tree.


When Spring finally came it was like everything was new.  There were bunnies to chase and squirrels (did I say I love squirrels)….   and the grass smelled so good. Everything was wonderful.  How I love spring.



“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
Helen Keller

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