Do dogs talk?

Excuse me
Of course we do

Most of you probably think that a blog narrated by a dog is utterly silly.  Then of course, you have haven’t met me or my little brother.

Benji doesn’t talk as much as I do, but mommy says he communicates very clearly.  Benj is particularly vocal about his water and supper dishes.  He’s found that if he flips them over, or pushes them across the floor, they make a bunch of noise. If mom is distracted – it gets her attention and we get supper and water.

I’m good at everything else. I think it’s really important for mom to know that I’m completely on top of everything going on in the neighborhood, so I tell her everything about the neighbors.

See – I do a GOOD job!


If the neighbors come or go, or children play in the yard, or new cars are parked outside I am ON IT!  I tell her every time, and I am teaching Benji to help.

I also think it’s very important to tell her about the white truck with the blue and red letters and stripes, and the BIG BROWN truck, and the man in the brown suit.  I don’t like those guys. They seem to come here way too much.

I talk to her about other things too. Sometimes we talk about the squirrels, or the sunset, or the pretty things we see on our walks. Sometimes she tells me about things that happened during her day. We watch our favorite TV shows together, and we laugh at funny stories. Mom says I’m the vocal one, and I like letting her know what I’m thinking about.  Most of what we discuss is secret….    She knows she can trust me.

“Love only grows by sharing.
You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.”

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