My Daddy was a Champion

How many dogs have gorgeous blue eyes and rich black curly fur?

I posed for this picture when I was a puppy so mommy could show me off. Mom says my daddy was a champion show dog and that I’m a pure bred. She says my dad and mom were probably as amazing as hers… my human grandpa and grandma.

I haven’t seen grandpa since that year we visited my cousins, two years after we moved to the east left coast. Mom says they went to live in heaven after that.  She doesn’t talk about them too much, but I know she misses them a very much.

When she talks about grandpa, she talks about how kind he was, all of the good things he did. She talks about how much he loved children, and his own children and his grandchildren. She says grandma was a kind lady and a good cook, and she says Grandpa talked about God, and preached to many people and told them God loved them. I love my mom and mommy loved grandma and grandpa.

Mom says we are all champions.

“I’m sure that not all Champions are serious all the time.  It’s just not stuff that gets written in the history scrolls, that’s all.”
― Tyrean MartinsonChampion in the Darkness

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