House cleaning day

Today is house-cleaning day. It’s a hoot. Mom thinks the house should be clean!  She likes the bathrooms clean and the floors mopped and no clutter.  Benji and I don’t really understand the concept of house cleaning. We like to play. We love our toys! The more the merrier. We love it when they come OUT to play.


This is me, when I was little with my tug bow, and my ball, and the blanket I liked to snuggle in.

Then with my Christmas toy and well sometimes I chewed up the bears…….

Benji stared out having his own house for his toys. It didn’t take him long to grow out of it though, and he jumped right out and never went back.

After that, he kind of STOLE some of my toys… but it’s okay, he is happy when he gets so many toys. Dragon-bear is pretty fun.

Benj even likes to sleep with his toys.

Benji fills his spot with toys
Snuggles with toys
Benji & the Toys
We were playing and having an adventure and….

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