The BIG city

When we left the – LEFT coast, and moved to the east left coast (as mommy calls it), we seemed to move a lot.  Mommy doesn’t have a lot of pictures from then….

For a while we lived by a very big river, and a very big city.  Mom would take me for walks by big buildings by the river. Across from the river there was a very big city.  I know because one day she took me to the big city with her. It was kind of scary!

I was still learning all about everything – so one day I learned that mommy’s icecream was REALLY yummy. She left it setting on the little table by her chair, and so I wanted to check it out.

Ben & Jerry’s – Great Choice!

She was working very very hard in those days.  She would wake up very very early in the morning and take me for a walk, and give me breakfast. Then she would come back in the evening, and we’d have another walk and dinner. In the middle of the day – a “doggy walker” – would come and take me for walks. That was pretty fun.

When mom got home after being away all day, she would “STUDY”.  I am not sure what she was studying or typing, but she was ALWAYS studying and typing.  It was kinda of boring. I would watch by the window every day until she came home, and watch her typing and studying, and sometimes I would take naps.  Sissy was good company.

We did our best to take care of mommy, and make sure she had lots of loves!

That is why mommy calls me her best bud, she says I was the only one who would live with her through those days.  I don’t think she ever worked so hard.

BIG city
The river by the big city





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