Floor Cleaners

Mom wanted me to share this with you all today.  Some cleaning products hurt dogs and probably babies (who crawl on the floor). She thinks this might be why I don’t feel so good sometimes.

The ASPCA seemed like a reliable start with some really good info.

Dogster also has some lists. http://www.dogster.com/dogs-101/cleaning-products-that-are-not-dog-safe

Mom found a lot of “discrepancy” – (that’s a big word) – about Swiffer, but she can imagine that those who sell the stuff would want you to buy it, and create “discrepancy”.  She also found that she could go to PETCO or PETSMART and find some organic PET SAFE floor cleaners for hardwoods and linoleum’s (I told you she reads a lot).  So mommy uses the pet-safe cleaners now.

Take care of your buddies and bubbies and doggies.  It’s not that a walk on the floor with this stuff once will hurt – it’s walking ALL DAY, and then licking our paws adds up over time.


Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power.


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