A Dog’s life…

… is pretty simple.

We rise and eat, and play and sleep. We guard and chase, walk and explore. .. Then we do it all over again.  Chewing bone-bones and chasing bear-bears are also fun past-times.

Mommy says we live in a world that is sometimes far away from hers, where she has to deal with complex topics like war and peace, good and evil, and sin and death. She says sometimes people are rude and dishonest and hurtful, and that those things are hard.  We really don’t know anything about who’s president and who’s not. We don’t know about Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan. We don’t know about sickness (other than when we don’t feel well), or so many other things.  Benji and I have both chewed some of mommies books, but we don’t have and idea why there are SO many, and what they say.

We just know, that if mommy is late coming home we worry, and when she arrives we rejoice. If we need to go outside she takes us, and when it’s time to eat she feeds us.

Sometimes mommy takes us on adventures, and sometimes she takes us to the doctor.  We know we love her, and comfort her, and play with her, and that it works both ways.

Mommy says we know what’s truly important. It is faith, and hope, and love.

“Truly I say to you, if you are not converted and become as the little children, you shall never enter into the kingdom of the heavens”  Matthew 18:3

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