The Ball

Some days life is ALL about “The Ball”.  Anyone can see taking a picture of “The Ball” or the bear is hard – because “stay” and “ball” – don’t work in the same sentence.

We have an odd collection of yellow balls and fuzzy bears and other toys at this house. These days Benj Benj Benj LOVES to chase “The BALL”.

Sometimes “The BALL” – gets lost under the furniture.  Benj Benj Benj doesn’t like it when this happens,  and he makes sure to tell mommy that the ball is stuck. In fact, he will not stop telling mommy about the stuck balls until she crawls under the furniture and gets the them.  Sometimes I think he gets them stuck on purpose!

I used to like playing ball. It’s a little harder these days, because Benj Benj Benj has so much energy I just can’t keep up, and he always beats me to the ball.

This week mommy went out and brought home a new bear, and some treats.While Benji was busy with the treats – I noticed the new bear, and guess what? Mommy gave him to ME! It was just like old times. I shook him and shook him and took him to my own corner by mommy’s chair. What a great day! Some yummy doggy treats and a new bear!

…And for Benji, it was another chance to play with the ball.

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
Laura Ingalls Wilder

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