Sleeping downstairs

Last night was a little weird.  The lights kept flickering and flickering and then they went OUT.  Boom.  Everything was dark.

It was pretty early in the evening, so mommy asked if we wanted to go outside.  It was raining, like a shower, but it was warm, so we went outside.  Benji and I decided to play in the rain, and it was really fun, and the air smelled so clean, so I sniffed, and Benji ran to see the squirrel. It was fun. We sat on the covered porch and watch the rain after we played.

When we went inside mommy decided to light some candles and it was quiet and pretty.  We went up and down the stairs a few times trying to find a place to settle but we couldn’t get comfortable.  Benj wasn’t tired yet, and mommy couldn’t read in the dark. Even though I was tired, I tried to keep up. We went up and down at least 3 times.

Finally the lights came on again, and we settled in.  Mommy and Benji went back upstairs to sleep, but I was already in dreamland.  At 4am mommy got up to check on me.  I was still fast asleep – but I woke up as soon as the lights went on.

Mommy gets sad on days like this, because she knows I’m not as strong as I used to be. I was having sweet dreams….  I love when the air smells so cool and clean.

This morning I had a bath, now I feel like a new dog!



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