Learning life’s lessons

When Benji first came home – he had to have “the” surgery, and he had to learn to WALK on the leash.

After “the surgery”.

You can see quite clearly how he felt about “the” surgery, and “the leash…..

I don’t want the leash

Benj Benj Benj Benj Benj – thinks going for walks is very fun.  When trucks and cars pass by they make so much noise Benji tries to chase them.

In order to learn proper “walking” etiquette – mommy bought him a standard 6ft non-retractable leash and a harness. He had to have a harness, even though he grew out of the first few quickly. He was so determined to chase cars and trucks and did I mention joggers or bicycles  -the harness was needed to keep him from choking himself to death. Anyway, as you can see…. sometimes he thought the LEASH was a waste of time. It stopped his agenda. Poor little guy.

I tried to tell him – “it’s no use” – “just walk beside mom like she asks”…….. Instead he would walk beside, and in front of and cross over back and forth.


Sometimes he would even take hold of MY leash.

Benj Benj Benj Benj Benj.
He finally learned the ropes, and now he keeps mommy on track.
He still zig-zags back and forth – but at least he is learning to stay on or near the path.  As for the bikes, cars, trucks, joggers, scooters, and skate-borders…….  sorry dudes, you guys are outta luck.

Common mum

I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons.
— Will Rogers

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