The Doctors

Yesterday was doctor day.

I have 3 doctors…  The “general” doggy doctor, the eye doctor and the skin doctor.  Yesterday was a visit to the EYE doctor. She shines light in my eyes, and sometimes tries to see if I cry enough.  My skin doctor is my favorite, she looks at my ears and my skin. Mommy says the medicine she gave me for my ears was a miracle. My general doctor gives me shots and medicine for pain.

I get nervous when we go to the doctors, & these days, so does mommy.  It seems no matter how healthy I eat, I still have troubles. The “doctors” say it’s my immune system, and because I am a Cocker Spaniel, I have immune problems.  So – my eyes are dry, and my skins scratches, and now I have little bumps and lumps.  My back legs hurt too, and my regular doctor gave me some special medicine for that.

My doctors are REALLY nice to me. They get down on the floor and talk to me, and they apologize when they have to do things that hurt.  Still I get nervous and I shake.  Yesterday the concrete floor in the doctors office was a little slippery and shiny and I was shaking so bad my back legs kept collapsing.  Mommy held me in her arms, and it helps me to stop shaking.

When we got home from the doctors I had a big lunch and took a big nap.  Then later in the evening, It wasn’t too hot, so Benji and I wandered and played in the yard before bedtime.  I guess mommy thinks it’s important, so I’ll keep going to the doctors when she tells me to.

I’m grateful for treats when I get home, and I’m grateful for the kindness of my doctors.

I got the bill for my surgery.
Now I know what those doctors were wearing masks for.
– James H. Boren

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