Summer is almost over

Summer is almost over.  The 100-degree days are hopefully behind us.  Children have gone back to school, and the days are getting a little shorter. The mornings are cool, and the evenings are pleasant, and we’re wondering what happened to our relaxing summer dayz.

We undertook some “yard renovation” this summer, so Benji and I are getting “paw wipes” during home entry, just so we don’t track too much mud in the house.

I’ve also had the privilege of getting “vinegar baths” lately.  I visited the doggy doctor and she thinks it will help my skin issues. I like the combing, and the vinegar smell wears off after a while but mom isn’t convinced it’s helping. We’re both convinced it is VERY messy.

Benji has had a fun summer, he is learning more about being calm around the BIG dogs.  Mom says he has to execute his new skill more consistently, but I know he tries hard. Mom takes him for walking adventures every chance she gets, and Benji loves it. He is becoming a very responsible watching dog, and he is taking his home guarding responsibility pretty seriously.

Now we’re just left wondering where did summer go?

Just another day to sunbathe
Summer sundayz

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