Happy Thanksgiving (in America)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Today is one of my favorite days (and Benji’s).


Yes mommy gives us scraps and aside from PIZZA – TURKEY is our favorite.

I haven’t posted for a while because there have been many “challenges” lately.  I’m getting over a skin infection, and my eyes have been giving me trouble, my hips aren’t working quite right – I slip and fall a lot.  Life is a little hard.

Nevertheless, I can still find reasons to be thankful.

Summer turned to fall, mom’s been busy, and Benji has learned to chase the squirrel into the crabapple tree, and that is fun to watch.  Yesterday a kitty got involved and I think she scared Benj a little.  I think she was bigger than him too.

TODAY we are thankful for Turkey, and sunshine, and crispy fall grasses, and warm fires, and days when mom stays home, and smells of yummy food in the oven, and sparkly holiday lights, and naps.

Hope you find many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving!!

Love from Teddy and Benji and Mom…..

Turkey Time?


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