Winter is turning to spring

Winter is turning to spring and it feels soooooooo good. I can go outside without slipping on ice, or freezing my paws in the snow. The grass is just starting to turn green and the breeze feels a little warmer every day. Even the rain clears the air and it feels so good.

Benji got sick last week when mommy was “traveling for work”. I hate when she does that because I don’t really understand calendars and clocks and dates and things like that. So I’m not sure how long the “traveling” will last. Mom has our friend KC come and stay with us, and we LOVE KC. She feeds us, and gives us pets and loves and our supper on time. She is the best. She took really good care of Benji despite the mess he made when he got sick, and eventually Benji calmed down and his tummy cleared up. Still it’s not like having mommy at home.

When mom did come home it was like sunshine, and chocolate cake, and miracles on the same day. Benji and I get SOOOOO excited when mommy returns. We love KC but it’s nothing like having mommy here and everything returning to normal. Even the sunshine feels warmer. We would paint mommy a welcome sign, but instead we wait by the door and show our love with wiggles and spins, snuggles.

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

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