Riding in the car

Turning into a new day….

This summer Benji and I spent a lot of time riding in the car.

After mom got home from her trip she was busy with work, then one day she packed us up and we went to a place she called Minnesota. It was a long, long drive. We stayed at special places and Benji and I were on our very best behavior. Mom said she was visiting our uncle, but we didn’t see him or the cousins on this visit. Instead we went to doggy day care. Doggy day care was the best ever.

I don’t like big crowds anymore, or strangers, and there were lots of strangers and other dogs, so they let me stay in my safe crate most of the time. Benji played with the other dogs and then at night we snuggled with mommy after our walks. After a few days we got back in the car and we went for another LONG drive home.

When we got home the air was starting to get warm, and everything started to change.
Suddenly there were boxes everywhere, and movers, and people we didn’t know and less furniture and… ….it was chaos. It’s hard to keep track of, let alone manage all those people… but I’m the boss. I know my job – so I did my best, and Benji helped a lot.

THEN… we got in the car and drove a long long ways again.

This time we headed in a different direction and stayed in special places, and Benji and I were on our very best behavior. Then we got to a NEW house. There wasn’t anything at all in it when we got there. Just – a lot of nothing… and floor. So we all settled on the floor and had some supper and it was okay.

We slept on the floor with mom for a few days, and then things started coming. First a few furniture things, then some boxes, then lots more boxes, and more furniture, and now it is starting to feel like home again. Some of the things smell familiar and some smell new. The grass is different and the air is warmer, and there are toads. I’m very curious about those toads. What do they do exactly?

Anyway, we are starting to settle.

I had to visit the doctor again – but that is another story. The summer has been busy, but I’m glad mommy included us in all of her adventures. I’ve been too tired most days to write about it – but all is well, and I’m doing my best looking after mom and Benj….

Are we there yet?

“Transitions in life can offer opportunities for discovery.” Robbie Shell

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