Why does an old doggy blog?

You might be wondering why an old doggy likes to blog.

Stories of life, love and adventure are stories of my life. Stories that most people don’t know. Stories that I hold dear and close and they are stories of us all. In the middle of the pain, the arthritis, the stiffness and all of the other problems, it’s my little way of attempting to honor LIFE. ,,,,all life, all love, all meaning and all hope.

Everyone longs for a life of meaning. Everyone longs to be loved. These are universal truths. These are things that matter.

Perhaps my oldest days are my wisest.

When I was little I didn’t think about THESE things. All I thought about is what is next. When’s the next dinner, when’s the next squirrel, when’s the next….. you fill in the blank. What is your next?

Or are you at the stage where you realize being thankful and grateful is the big next. Going back, saying thank you, thank you to those who loved you, thank you to those who encouraged you, thank you those or picked you up when you fell, or lifted you when others knocked you down; these are things that matter. These are things you want to do before you leave.

Not everyone gets a chance to say thank you. Sometimes things end quickly, and sometimes in a very messy and unpredictable way… but if you get the chance… say thank you. Maybe learning to say thank you all along the way is the best way … but we forget so easily when we’re young.

So why does an old doggy blog? Maybe just to say live your life, full of love, full of loyalty, full of faithfulness, and full of gratefulness. Make your regrets small, and your love great. It’s the best way to live.



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